28 Useful Reading Logs

Keep track of your child’s progress in reading by giving them printable reading logs to fill. They keep his interest in reading alive as he can keep track of his reading. It also helps parents and teachers monitor their reading habit.

Free Printable Reading Logs

These logs go a long way in inculcating good reading habits in students. Teachers can also form a clear idea of how much the students are reading up.

Reading Log

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1st Grade Reading Log

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3rd Grade Reading Log

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Daily Reading Log Template

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Free Printable Reading Log

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Free Reading Log

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Home Reading Log Printable

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Middle School Reading Log

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Monthly Reading Log

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My Reading Log

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Printable Reading Log Template

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Reading Log Printable

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Reading Log Sheet

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Reading Log Template

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Summer Reading Log

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Student Reading Log

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Weekly Reading Log Printable

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Weekly Reading Log

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Reading Log for Adults

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Reading Log for Kids

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Reading Time Log

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Note that there can be daily reading logs where a child notes down his starting page no. and the ending page no. and there can be monthly reading logs where a kid just lists the titles he read along with the name of the author.

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