15 Wine Glass Painting Ideas

Written by kittybabylovekittybabylove| April 22, 2023 in Worksheet

If you want to try your hand at glass painting, painting wine glasses can be a great idea. You can create stunning pieces of art without having to spend a fortune. They can be used to decorate holiday parties, birthdays, or any other occasion. The gorgeous hand-painted wine glasses will surely be a hit with your guests.

Wine Glass Painting Tutorial

This DIY explains the steps of wine glass painting in detail, from choosing the right paint and tools to prepping the surface and finally painting it.

Wine Glass Painting

Painted Wine Glasses in Polka Dot Designs

These fun and bright wine glasses can be excellent Mother’s Day gifts. The art is done using Q tips and acrylic paint.

Painted Wine Glasses

Cool Hand Painted Wine Glasses

This DIY gives you the lowdown on the various techniques used in glass painting, like etching, stroke painting, sketched drawing, and freehand.

Hand Painted Wine Glasses

Wine Glass Flower Painting Idea

You can choose your favorite colors for painting flowers on wine glasses making them special for birthday or holiday decorations.

Wine Glass Painting Ideas

Wine Glass Painting Instructions

Before starting to paint, the glass should be cleaned nicely with soap water, dried with a towel, and allowed to air dry.

Wine Glasses for Painting

A Guide to Painting Wine Glasses

The supplies for this project are q-tips, glass paint (in white, navy, and turquoise), wine glasses, and rubbing alcohol.

Painting Wine Glasses

How to Paint Wine Glasses for Valentine’s Day

This can be a great gift for your Valentine. You can package the hand-painted glasses with a bottle of wine to share a drink with your beloved on the special day.

How to Paint Wine Glasses

Hand-Painted Wine Glasses

Hand Painted Wine Glass

Painted Wine Glasses

Painted Wine Glass

Marble Painted Wine Glass Idea

Painted Wine Glasses Ideas

Flower Painting on Wine Glasses

Painting on Wine Glasses

Painting Wine Glasses

Painting Wine Glass

Wine Glass Painting Design for Beginners

Beginner Wine Glass Painting Designs

DIY Christmas Painted Wine Glasses

Christmas Painted Wine Glasses

Paint a Wine Glass

Paint Wine Glasses

After going through the impressive DIYs we are sure your mind is bubbling with creative ideas to deck up your wine glasses. It is worthwhile to note that glass painting is safe for kids. They can have a lot of fun when they indulge in the easy craft.