21 Personal Goal-Setting Worksheet Printables

Remind yourself of the goals you have for this year and the years to come with the help of these personal goal-setting worksheets we’ve compiled. While unexpected changes do not guarantee that we’d hit the targets, the most important thing is we don’t give up on our goals although we’re behind the timeframe.

Scroll through the goal-setting worksheets we compiled and find the best one for you!

Free and Printable Personal Goal Setting Worksheets

Goal-Setting Worksheet

source: actmindfully.com.au

Goals come in different forms, which one can achieve at different times. There are objectives that we can do in the next 24 hours, while some may take a few months to accomplish, and others even years. For both short-term and long-term goals, it is important to keep a record of them so you can track your progress and remain motivated.

And that is what this Goal Setting Worksheet offers you! With this file, you can specify your targets and figure out the values underlying such goals. Download your copy for free!

Goal-Setting Guide

source: uncommon-knowledge.co.uk

Lifetime Goal Setting

source: citruscollege.edu

Goal Action Plan

source: pihcsnohomish.org

This goal-planning template comes with instructions and tips that will help you achieve your health and fitness goals. With this worksheet, you can be clear with your mission, vision, and action. Moreover, this helps you assess your challenges and keep track of your progress. This one is for free! Download now!

SMART Goal Worksheet

source: youngsurvival.org

Budget Goals

source: smartaboutmoney.org

One of the most common New Year’s Resolutions is to save more and spend less. However, reaching this goal is not as easy as it sounds. It takes a lot of self-discipline, especially when you are the type of person who loves to buy random stuff.

To help you with that, we offer you this goal-setting worksheet specifically tailored for your budgeting objectives. In this sheet, you can write down the amount you want to save, how often will you save, and for how long. Moreover, this downloadable PDF file comes in three pages for your short-term, medium-term, and long-term budget goals. Get your copy now!

Fitness Goal Sheet

source: scripps.org

Personal Career Goal Sheet

source: kathypilcher.com

Goal Mapping

source: pages.tonyrobbins.com

How important is it for you to reach your goals? How will accomplishing such benefit you? Remember your reasons for working hard to achieve your goals with this Goal Mapping Template. Apart from helping you with your personal growth, this document also features a simple yet elegant design that will make you want to map out your plans and check them as often as possible. Plus, you don’t have to pay anything to get this!

Goal Setting & Motivation Workshop Booklet

source: ferris.edu

Simple Goal Setting Worksheet

source: nia.nih.gov

The Importance of Goal-Setting: A Walk Through

Sometimes, we find ourselves setting countless goals even without having a clear direction. While it is fulfilling to think of the future—the time when we’ve already accomplished our goals—our motivation usually fizzles out when we forget about the purpose of what we’re doing. Hence, we will help you understand the importance of setting goals so you will see a definite point for your efforts.

1. It Helps in Focus Alignment

In life, there are times when you find yourself in the middle of nowhere. Thinking, wondering, “where am I, and what am I supposed to do?”. Although some people think that it is the best time for you to live more freely, what will happen after you get tired of doing so? Where will you go? Chances are, you will just feel lost.

Having an aligned focus enables you to be more in control of your life. This way, you can pay close attention to the path you are going to take and deal with the distractions and problems you will face. Goals will give you something to focus on and give meaning to your life. With a clear target, you will see progress as you continuously move forward.

2. It Lets You Know What You Really Want

One of the most common problems of young people is not knowing what they want to do in life. As stated in an article from Business Wire, a study from Ellucian revealed that 51% of the surveyed students don’t have confidence in their career paths as they enter college. Moreover, over 50% have shifted from one major to another at least once. Whether you are a student or not, not knowing what you want to be is normal. It is fine to take a rest while you are still trying to figure out what you want to be.

Nevertheless, you must not stop there. You have to know which things you’d like to pursue. And you can only do this when you set clear and realistic goals. By doing so, you will not keep on chasing every “shiny” thing that comes into your mind. You won’t jump from one objective to another due to the excitement of achieving them. Most importantly, you know where you’re heading, which helps you avoid misdirections.

3. It Enables You to Set Clear Stepping Stones

You can only set a clear path towards success when you know where you want to go. Big or small, long-term or short-term, being sure with your goals gives you more time and will to map out the most effective way to get from point A to point B. Thus, enabling you to create doable tasks, especially for large goals. This way, you will not feel intimidated and hopeless, which will push you to keep going. Laying out manageable steps towards achieving large goals will ultimately open the door to success!

4. It Keeps You Accountable

Aside from helping you improve day by day, you can hold yourself accountable in the event that you fail to carry out the tasks specified on your action plan.

For example, you want to save $3000 in six months. When setting a goal, you have to specify the amount you will save every week until you will reach the sum on a specific deadline. This way, it will be easier for you to track your progress. If you fail to save that particular amount for a week or more, you can always reevaluate your spending habits and make adjustments for a sure-fire success of plans.

5. It Is Fulfilling

When you’re still at point A, you may think that getting to point B will be impossible. Nevertheless, it feels rewarding when you continue to move forward and make progress. And when this happens, you will be more motivated to work harder on your goals and hit more targets in the future. It is always fulfilling to see yourself develop into a better person, and having definite goals can help you with that.

Life Goals

source: therapist.aid.com

Ladder of Success

source: bsbproduction.s3.amazonaws.com

This goal setting worksheet is best for athletes of any age. With this document on your hands, you can strengthen your commitment, hold on to your motivation, utilize your strengths, and analyze your weaknesses when it comes to sports. It can also help you keep track of your performance and improvement within a specific time frame. In addition to that, this template includes a SMART goal worksheet and a checklist. What else could you ask for? Download now!

Personal Goals Worksheet

source: cdc.gov

SMART Goals Template

source: udayton.edu

SMART Fitness Worksheet

source: mrkim.2myclass.com

When one says they want to be fit, several people immediately assume that they will be working on weight loss. But fitness is not only about losing weight, it can also mean gaining weight or maintaining your figure. That said, you need to specify your fitness goals so you’ll know where you’ll go. Use this SMART Fitness Worksheet so you can come up with thoroughly planned out action steps to reach your goals. You can download this file for free! Secure a copy now!

Family Goals Worksheet

source: sparkparenting.com

Some goals focus on oneself, while others need collaborative effort for their accomplishment. An example of which are objectives you wish to achieve with your family. If you want to have stronger family ties and achieve dreams together, plotting out your plans and unified goal will be of great help. This Family Goals Worksheet enables you to map out the targets you want to hit with your family members and create a 12-month action plan for such. Download this template now and see for yourself how this can aid you!

The Goals Worksheet

source: arletahigh.net

Personal Growth Worksheet

source: getyourprettyon.com

Your relationship with the people around you is as important as your personal growth. That said, you have to maintain a healthy connection with the people important to you as you take care of your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

Why Do I Need Goal-Setting Worksheets?

Start working on your overall development with the help of this Personal Growth Worksheet. This goal worksheet for adults allows you to list down your targets, the reasons why you want to reach those, and how you are going to accomplish each. It also features several goal ideas that will help improve your personal growth and your relationships with family and friends. Get yours now!

Goal Setting Workbook

source: wholebeinginstitute.com

Basic SMART Goal Setting Worksheet

source: sparkpeople.com

As stated in an article from Inc., studies show that only 8% of individuals achieve their New year’s goals, which means that a large percentage of 92 failed to meet their goals. What about you? Are you confident enough that you will be one of this 8%? Or will you just slack off and tell yourself to have better luck next time?

Types of Goal-Setting Strategies

Reaching goals, especially long-term ones, is not as easy as counting numbers or reciting the alphabet. And we know exactly what you need! A goal-setting strategy that will work best for you. Take a look at the list below:


This is one of the most common goal-setting strategies used by students, entrepreneurs, and even ordinary individuals. As you may have known, SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound. And it has a newer version too: SMARTER—with E standing for Evaluated and R for Reviewed.

When applying this strategy, you first have to make sure that your goal is specific enough. Know what you want to accomplish, why is it important, and what resources you need. Then, you also have to indicate the “how much”s or “how many”s of your goals. This way, you can measure your success.

Why do We Need Personal Smart Goals?

Objectives must also be attainable. While it is good to dream big, you still need to see to it that they are possible. Next, you have to ensure that your goals are relevant. According to an article from Mind Tools, a relevant goal is worthwhile, matches your efforts, and is appropriate to the status-quo of the social and economic environment.

Other than that, one must also assess if they are the right person to achieve that specific goal and whether it is the right time to work on it. Lastly, you have to set deadlines so you will know which ones to prioritize.

Goal Pyramids in Personal Goal-Setting Worksheets

You know how daunting it can be when you set big goals but you don’t know how you’re going to make it. When it seems impossible to achieve, you just give up on it, won’t you? Don’t. Maybe utilizing goal pyramids is all you need. Goal pyramids are divided into four tiers. At the bottom-most portion of the pyramid, you have to indicate your daily habits, leading to the achievement of your short-term goals, to the long-term ones, and ultimately, your primary goal.

Setting Down the Task

When you start with the little yet effective steps, such as changing your daily habit, it will be easier for you to take a step forward to your short-term goals. And your short-term goals are a list of tasks you have to accomplish to hit your long-term targets. As you can see, there is always progress when you take things little-by-little. So if you’re up to make a major change in your life, break it down into actionable steps and make use of a goal pyramid.

Mission-Vision Statement

One may think that mission-vision statements are just for schools and reputable companies. However, you can also write a personal mission-vision statement that you will stand by and adhere to. A mission statement will constantly remind you of your goals, principles, and values.

Meanwhile, writing a vision statement gives you the freedom to paint a picture of where you want to see yourself years from now. You can use these statements as your guide whenever you need to determine which path to take, make life decisions, and plan out how you’re going to achieve your goals.

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