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How to make a balloon dog? This question has been asked by millions of kids across the globe. The answer is simple – you need to blow up balloons and then tie them together.

A balloon dog is a type of toy that consists of several inflated balloons tied together. T

hese toys are usually made from latex or vinyl, and they come in various sizes and shapes. They are also known as “balloon animals” because they look like real animals.

Balloons are cheap and readily available at supermarkets and convenience stores.

If you want to make a balloon animal, you’ll need a balloon maker (also called a balloon inflator) and some balloons. You can buy these items online or at your local store.

Let’s get started making your very own balloon dog, shall we!

Making Your Balloon Dog – Supplies

All you will need to make your balloon dog is a 126OQ balloon. These balloons are very long and thin and are perfect for twisting into shape.

Choose your favorite color to make your balloon dog! We recommend keeping a few spare balloons on hand so that you can use them if the first attempts pop or go wrong.

The next thing is not necessary, but it might help you if you cannot blow balloons up very well on your own.

You can get small balloon pumps that work well with the 126OQ balloons and blow them up much quicker than you can with your mouth. Again, you don’t need one of these, but they might be helpful!

Making Your Balloon Dog – Method

How To Make A Balloon Dog (1)

Now let’s get right into making your first balloon dog. You’ll have your very own balloon animal in no time!

Step One

Inflate your balloon so that there is a 2 inch piece uninflated at the top. Tie the balloon at the end you just used to inflate it so that none of the air escapes.

Step Two

At the tied off end, make three twists – the first being 2 inches long, then the second and third being 1 inch long.

A basic balloon twist simply consists of taking the balloon in your hand and turning it clockwise a few times until the balloon remains in its new shape.

Step Three

Now it’s time to make the dog’s face! The first 2 inch twist (A) will be the snout and the second (B) and third (C) will be the ears.

Bend the 2 inch twist so that it is flush against the long length of the balloon, while the second and third twists are parallel to one another.

We’re going to lock these two twists together, so make sure that they are next to each other.

Twist the balloon pieces B and C around one another while still holding A in the same position with the rest of the balloon.

The twist will ensure that these pieces of the balloon remain together. It should lift A up to resemble a dog’s face.

Step Four

Moving onto the dog’s neck and legs, you will now be starting from directly underneath the dog’s head. Make three twists – all the same length at around 3 inches long – the first being A, the second B, and the third C.

A will be the neck while B and C are the front legs.

Just as you did with the dog’s ears, lock twist B and C together while holding A parallel to the rest of the balloon.

This twist will now bring the body of the dog to life, with the head attached to its neck and the neck attached to two front legs.

Step Five

Next up is the body and the back legs. Create three twists from the front legs, all three inches long.

The first is A, second is B, and third is C! B and C will be the back legs for your dog while A is the body. The leftover amount of balloon (D) will be the dog’s tail.

Hold B and C together so that A and D are parallel as well. Lock twist B and C together to make the back legs.

D will spring up to form the tail and your balloon dog will be completed!

Making Different Balloon Animals

How To Make A Balloon Dog (2)

Now that you have the basic pattern of a dog down, you can alter it slightly to make different animals. For example, using a yellow balloon with a long neck segment and shorter legs will make a balloon giraffe.

Alternatively, making the neck shorter with longer legs can resemble a horse. With a little bit of imagination, you can make any animal that you want to with this balloon dog pattern!

Once you have mastered this simple dog pattern, you can go onto making other animals such as dinosaurs and even unicorns! You’ll be the talk of the town with your new-found skill.

Handy Tips For Making Balloon Animals

Make sure that you keep the balloon inflated when working on your animal. If you deflate the balloon too much, the balloon may not hold its shape and could pop.

Also, when twisting balloons, try not to pinch them or pull too hard. You don’t want to break the balloon. Instead, gently squeeze the balloon and twist it slowly.

When twisting, you want to turn the balloon enough so that it locks into shape (hence the name locking twist), but not so much that you overstretch the balloon to make it pop.

Start off precautious as to test the limits of your balloon. Some balloons are much more durable than others and therefore can withstand some rigorous twisting. Others might just pop.

Finally, don’t be too hard on yourself if you cannot master the dog right away. While others may make it look easy, balloon making is actually a difficult craft that takes a while to perfect. So, take a few balloons and keep practicing until you’re happy.


In conclusion, I hope that this tutorial has helped you learn how to make a balloon dog. With this knowledge, you can create many different types of animals with ease. Try out different designs and see what happens!

Have fun!

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