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Pom poms are easy to make, and they are a great way to decorate your craft projects or party favors. They can be made with any kind of yarn that you have on hand, so there is no need to buy expensive yarn for the occasion.

Pom poms are colorful balls of yarn or thread that are often used during parties and celebrations.

They also make for some fabulous and fun home decor! You don’t need to go out and spend hundreds of dollars on expensive supplies to make these adorable party decorations.

In fact, you can easily make them at home using only basic materials.

In this article, we will give you step-by-step instructions on how you can make your very own pom-poms at home!
So, let’s get started!

Instructions: How To Make Yarn Pom-Poms

How To Make Pom-Poms (5)

The Cardboard Method

What You Will Need

First things first, you will need to gather a short list of supplies in order to make your pom-poms. These supplies are:
— Yarn
— Scissors
— Cardboard
— Circular Item to Trace
— Pen

1.The first thing you’ll want to do to create your pom-poms is to gather everything you need. Set it aside so that it is easy for you to create the craft.

2. Next you should use your circular object and trace around it on your cardboard. This can be a lid, jar or plate etc. The bigger your circle is, the larger your pom-pom is going to be.

3. Trace a smaller circle within your larger circle. You should make two of these.

4. Cut out your large circles. You will then need to cut out the center circle as well. This is easiest done by cutting a slit in the center and using it to cut around the edges of the circle. You should have two rings! Now you have created the base tool that will help you to create your pom-poms!

5. Put the two cardboard rings on top of one another to prepare for wrapping the yarn.

6. Hold one end of the yarn and begin to wrap around the rings, going through the center. Overlap the yarn so that it is on top of the raw end so that it doesn’t unravel. Work your way around the entire ring, so that it is covered in yarn. Be sure to fill in any gaps. The more you wrap, the more dense your pom-pom will look.

7. Once you have wrapped around a sufficient amount of yarn, carefully use your scissors to cut around the edge of the larger circle. You should cut directly in between the two cardboard rings so that both sides of the yarn are of equal length.

8. Once you have cut all the way around the circle, take a separate piece of yarn and tie it around all the loose strands. Pull it very tight to create the middle of your pom-pom. Make sure that you double-knot it so that it isn’t loose!

9. Carefully remove the cardboard from the yarn.

10. Fluff up each side of the pom-pom and trim any long strands of yarn to create the perfect round pom-pom!

11. There you have it! Your very own home-made pom-pom!

Tips And Tricks

— Use a longer strand of yarn to tie the middle, so that the long ends can be used to hang up the pom-pom.
— For a fuller pom-pom, increase the amount of yarn that you wrap around the rings.
— If you want to make smaller pom-poms, follow the same method but create a smaller cardboard ring.

How To Make Pom-Poms With Your Hands

How To Make Pom-Poms (4)

What You Will Need 

— Yarn
— Scissors
— Your Hand!

This method is essentially the same as the concept above, only instead of cardboard, you are using your hand instead.

1. Start with a small circle of yarn. Wrap it around your finger several times.

2. Take your thumb and place it over the center of the yarn. Wrap the yarn around your thumb as well.

3. Using your other fingers, wrap the yarn around the rest of your hand.

4. When you’re finished, pull the ends together and knot them.

5. Repeat this process until you have enough yarn to create a pom-pom of your desired size.

How To Make A Pom-Pom With Toilet Paper Rolls

How To Make Pom-Poms (7)

What You Will Need

— Toilet paper rolls (or any kind of cylindrical shape)
— Yarn

1. Begin with a small circle of rolled toilet paper, or another type of tube.

2. Wrap the yarn around the roll numerous times, making sure that there are no gaps where you can see the tube beneath. This is going to help you create a fuller-looking pom-pom.

3. Tie off the middle with a square knot or something similar, with a separate piece of yarn.

4. Cut vertically through the yarns.

5. Fluff out each side and make sure that both sides look equal! You may want to trim any odd-length yarns so that your pom-pom is more neat and uniform!

Final Thoughts

As you can tell, there are in fact a multitude of different ways that you can create your own pom-poms at home!

The above methods are only a few of the ways that you could do it. Pom-poms are great to use as cute decorations for parties, or even to use as home decor!

You could also use them to add some fun to items such as cushions or blankets for a unique and home-made touch!

It is super easy to create your own pom-poms, and you need very little materials, so it is fairly inexpensive too! This is a great craft to do with the kids, or if you just fancied crafting something for yourself!

Hopefully, one of the above methods of making pom-poms will help you get started on creating your own pom-poms!

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