9 Printable Valentine's Day Sayings for Kids

Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays where people can express their love to the ones they hold dearly and to everyone around them. While commonly tied with romantic affection that grown-ups have for each other, we may also take this wonderful opportunity to show our love to our kids. After all, Cupid, the winged child with his bow and arrow, reminds us that children should have their share of love as well! So come on and take a look at these Printable Valentine’s Day Sayings for Kids we’ve gathered just for you!

Free and Printable Valentine’s Day Sayings for Kids

Valentine Saying for Kids

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To My Children Valentine’s Sayings

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Valentine’s day sayings are often poetic expressions of love and affection that we have for those who are close to our hearts, whether they are our friends or family. These sayings are mostly said as greetings, but they can also be reminders of how our loved ones meant to us. Although generally aimed at grown-ups and adults, there’s no reason why we shouldn’t include kids in this celebration. 

Dear Valentine Greetings

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Proverbs Valentine Sayings

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Valentine’s Card: A Way to Show Love

Almost everyone trade Valentine’s cards during the 14th of February, even as early as the middle ages. Despite the popularity of pre-written and ready-made ones, a handmade Valentine card with handwritten messages inside lets you fully express your emotions to a special someone. These cute printables come in different sizes, and some are large enough for personal messages to fit perfectly in them. Also, they make great exchange items at school that kids and teachers can send to each other.

Kids’ Valentines Sayings Tags

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E.E Cummings Valentine’s Sayings

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Handmade notes and greeting cards are not the only Valentine’s Day staples that you can send your heartwarming messages with. Boxes of chocolates and sweets are some of the items you can send to your loved ones, especially to your kids and nephews. Kids all over the world love chocolates and sweets. And having these adorable tags tied or glued on your little boxes of sweet delights will surely thrill the hearts of anyone that receives them.

Bible Verse Valentine’s Sayings Tags

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Lovebirds Valentine’s Sayings

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Other than gifts and cards, another way of celebrating Valentine’s Day with kids is through games like Valentine’s Day bingo and mad libs. You can use these inspiring and motivating words as stickers on each card and sheet. A drop of glue or a patch of tape would help your kids remember how much you love them while celebrating Valentine’s Day with joy and laughter. 

Heartwarming Valentine Saying Note

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Next to Christmas, Valentine’s Day is the second-largest holiday where people express their love and affection. Writing heartfelt sayings and messages are the common ways of celebrating the holiday, aside from a bouquet of roses and letters wrapped in heart borders. Moreover, it is also the perfect time to show and remind your precious Valentine how much they mean to you.

What Can You Do with these Printables?

Aside from the traditional symbols of love—flowers, hearts, Cupid, and lovebirds—cute and adorable characters also decorate these printables that kids can relate to right away. Plus, you can do many things with these printables.

With a pair of scissors, some glue and tape or two, and tons and tons of creativity and imagination, here are some fun ideas that you can do to make these simple printables lovely and lively.

1. Write a Valentine Message on the Back

Writing and exchanging messages is one of the most common ways to celebrate the season with your kids. And you can write a simple yet heartfelt message on the backs of these printables in many different ways. You can start by reminding them how thankful you are for having them in your life and how much they mean to you. Aside from that, you can also inscribe the material with words that inspire or encourage them to keep up their good work. 

You can write your messages along with age-old rhymes too:

“Roses are red, violets are blue

Life is so amazing, all thanks to a great kid like you!”

2. Have Them as Cute Little Tags, Labels, or Hangers

Gift-giving is one of the traditions people do during Valentine’s Day. Apart from that, decorating our homes and classrooms is very common too. Another thing you can do with these lively and lovely Valentine’s Day Sayings is to have them as cute little tags and labels for your gifts, jars of sweets, and chocolate boxes. Other than that, you can have them as little stickers you can decorate your walls with. 

With a drop of glue, a patch of tape, or a short yarn or string, you can tie or stick them on to the box chocolates that you’ll give to your pupils. You can also hang these printable sayings from your classroom ceilings or in your living rooms, along with cut-out swans, Cupids, and hearts.  

3. Pair Them with Their Favorite Quotes

Words of affection and inspiration have been said a thousand times in films, books, and songs. So pick up a well-known quote from Google or a chapter from their favorite book or songs, and pair them with these adorable and heart-melting sayings. Fashion a small, bi-fold valentine note that you can tie or hang-on your gifts that you’ll be sending. Or put them right beside your son or daughter’s bed before they wake in the morning.

While greeting cards are not as expensive and grand as a box of chocolates or a new toy, expressing your love to your kids means an awful lot to them. It tells them that you remember all their likes and favorites. Besides that, you can also help your kids in their yearly card swapping event in school. Nothing else can make a kid even happier, knowing that their parents have always been there for them and that they’ll watch over them no matter what.

4. Make Cute Little Jigsaw Puzzles out of Them

Children of all ages love games and puzzles. One of the exciting things that you can do with these Valentine printables is to make cute little jigsaw puzzles out of them. You can put these romantic valentine sayings on blank jigsaw puzzle kits, which you can buy online or at your local crafting store. Just make sure to follow the instructions that come with those kits.

Once you have the puzzles printed, you can then hand them out to your kids. Then, let them figure those out. You can also add more fun and excitement by running a puzzle-solving contest right after dinner. The little puzzles also make a great Valentine’s gift to other young family members, such as your nieces and nephews.

5. Print Them on Mugs or T-Shirts

Aside from the usual Valentine gifts like flowers, chocolates, and greeting cards, another item you can use these printable sayings is for personalized mugs and t-shirts. As mentioned, these Valentine printables can be readily printed on different materials, such as cardboard, fabric, and ceramics. All you need to do is choose among the different designs we have and bring them to the nearest printing shop.

Celebrating the hallmark holiday with kids is a fun, exciting, and heart-filling experience. And while many would have expensive dinners and give expensive gifts, there are other ways you can celebrate the season. The printable designs let you add a personal touch to your gifts, greetings, decorations. Plus, they also allow you to create fun and exciting activities that you and your family can share. 

While the day highlights romantic affection among grown-ups, let’s also remember that everyone’s invited to this celebration. After all, Cupid, the half-naked child-mascot of the season, is a reminder that the expression of love is simple and pure.

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