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Poetry, along with games and puzzles, adds fun and excitement to learning. It is a few of the many things that make kids learn their ABCs quicker. Also, it helps you strengthen your bond with your children as you spend quality time with them. If you wish to make your kids’ preschool years fun and worthwhile, here are some preschool poetry samples we’ve gathered just for you!

Free and Printable Preschool Poetry Samples

Here I Come Poem

source: poemsearcher.com

I Am in Preschool

source: charliebrownpreschools.com

For kids, nothing gets them so excited than meeting new friends and seeing the big world outside. Their first day of school gives them an opportunity to do so. Plus, it is the day when they will be proud of themselves for accomplishing new things and gaining new experiences for the first time.

For one, it is when they learn to memorize the alphabet, read, and write, and teachers may have them make their first poem right after. And from drawing inspiration from these poetry samples, help them little tykes write a poem that’s filled with pride and accomplishment.

First Day Of School Poetry Sample

source: poemsearcher.com

Everybody Has a Name

source: pinterest.com

Preschool is the age where children are still learning how to navigate their independence. While most kids are so hyped up about their first day of school, a handful of them are anxious about leaving their comfort zones. Preschool separation anxiety is quite common among preschoolers and is nothing to worry about.

Draw inspiration from these samples, and tell them that everything’s going to be okay. Or, you can help them write a poetry-style introduction so that your little angels will be confident to tell everyone about themselves.

All of Me Poem

source: thekindergartensmorgasboard.com

Apple Pie Five Senses Poem

source: otatech.com

Learning new things excites our little ones a lot, just as meeting new playmates do. They love to explore everything they see around them, and it’s during their formative years that they should learn about themselves too. Poetry, puzzles, and games are a great addition to the fun and excitement of your preschooler’s learning experience. It not only helps them learn the basics of the human body quickly, but it also lets them understand how the body reacts to the world around them.

I Have a Little Frog Poetry Sample

source: k-3teacherresources.com

Batty Poem


The natural world triggers the curiosity of preschoolers, so don’t be surprised if they ask you a lot about it. Their formative years are the time for them to learn about everything that surrounds them. More particularly, it’s the perfect time for them to learn about the animals that we share this world with. Aside from learning how animals look like and or how they’re called, poetry helps kids understand why they are important for this planet. More importantly, it reassures your little tykes that they’re nothing to be scared about, no matter how different they look. 

Now We Are Six

source: postpoetics.org

Ten Little Pumpkins

source: mrsasroom.org

Five Brave Firefighters

source: playtolearnpreschool.us

Counting is a crucial skill that our little ones need to learn at an early stage. It allows them to play new games and know if they had too many sweets. Plus, it introduces them to the basics of mathematics like addition. While knowing the numbers by heart can be confusing at first, it helps to have rhymes and rhythms to guide them in the learning process. With the string of familiar words that jive playfully in these samples, learning how to count the numbers is as fun and easy as 123.

It’s Raining Poetry Sample

source: littlemindsatwork.org

Spring is Here

source: littlelearningcorner.com

Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall

source: pinimg.com

A child’s curiosity never fails to amuse us every time. They have the knack of asking their what’s, who’s, when’s, and why’s, whenever something caught their attention. Changing weather patterns, such as the seasons of the year, also never fails to cross our little learner’s eyes. To help them understand the way the world works, a poem with a predictable tune and pattern makes all those lessons easy to remember. You may choose the perfect one from the samples provided and remind your little ones that:

“When everything’s white and snowy, there’s no need to worry.”

“Christmas is coming soon, it’s time to be merry!” 

Shapes Poem

source: poemsearcher.com

Pumpkins Poem

source: mrsasroom.org

The world that our little tykes see every day is made up of different shapes of different sizes. And it’s no surprise that they always wonder what the names of these figures are. Learning about shapes nurtures our kids’ imagination and creativity. So help them know more about their squares, circles, and triangles with a fun and simple poem filled with words that will help them remember. Create a colorful world with them by helping them learn the building blocks of such a place.

Thanksgiving Poem

source: littlelearningcorner.com

Veterans’ Day Poem Sample

source: quotesgram.com

People enjoy celebrations and holidays, especially children. Who doesn’t? It’s a special day where festive greetings fill the air, holiday sweets are on our plates, and fun and exciting games are played. Preschoolers can enjoy many holidays. Take Halloween, for example, where you can take them out for a trick or treat around the neighborhood. You can add more fun with an eerie rhyme that you can chant along:

“Jeepers creepers fill the air, give us all the sweets that you can spare.”

Clever rhymes lighten up the faces of our little ones, no matter what the celebration. More importantly, it should also remind them of the essence of such holidays.

Hey Diddle Diddle Nursery Rhyme and Poem

source: hubbardscupboard.org

Preschool Poem Sample

Source: fun-a-day.com

Preschool is the time when our little ones learn and accomplish a lot of things. It is also when they meet new friends, overcome challenges, and feel so proud of themselves. So a congratulation must be in place.

Moreover, preschool is when fun memories are rekindled through poems and nursery rhymes that they sang together at school. So if you’re a proud parent or a teacher of these young and brilliant minds, write a poem for them, and be inspired to do so by these preschool poetry samples we’ve gathered just for you!

Write a Poem with these Inspiring Preschool Poetry Samples

Nothing touches someone straight into the heart than a handwritten poem. Whether you’re helping the little ones with their homework, teaching them the ways of the numbers, or just basically preparing them for kindergarten, you’ll be fascinated by how their faces light up when you read the words right in front of them. Now, you don’t need to be Ginsberg or Shakespeare to come up with a good poem for preschoolers. You just need to commit yourself to the task, along with some tips to help you get on with it seamlessly. So let’s get into it!

Get Your Ideas Together

Poetry may seem like a spontaneously written affair, but planning those words carefully really helps. You just have to think of a slant or topic to write about and arrange the words in lines and verses. Now, this doesn’t have to be perfect yet. This step is just a rough sketch that you need to polish later on. 

Let the Words Flow Naturally

Poems commonly follow a rhythm, though some don’t. So it’s best to make those words rhyme to establish a rhythm or flow. So muster the best words you have in your vocabulary, or consult a thesaurus or dictionary. However, remember not to force those words, just let them flow naturally.

Put Your Heart and Soul Into It

A well-written poem is one written by the heart and soul. Whether you’re a school teacher or a parent, make sure that you put yourself in every letter that you write on it. Again, the poem should also show your personality every time you read it right in front of them. You may show your funny side in those words and see your little tykes burst out in laughter. Above all, the poem should also show that it’s all about your little ones as well.

Now those are your three tips on how to write simple poetry for your little ones. It may take time and effort to perfect the craft, but it’s quicker and easier by looking at the poetry samples we’ve gathered. So go ahead! Grab a pen and paper and start scribbling those preschool rhymes, whether you’re a parent or a school teacher.

There’s more to poetry than just a string of rhyming words that lovers use in their romantic expressions during Valentine’s Day. It is a clever art of capturing one’s imagination and opens one’s eyes to the world around them. More than that, it is also a bridge that connects souls and builds strong bonds between generations. Poetry is a loving parent that prepares her children for the bigger world beyond them.  

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